The Most Popular Coffee Accessories Of 2021

Imagine starting your day with a steaming cup of coffee, perfectly brewed to your liking. Now, picture enhancing that daily ritual with the most popular coffee accessories of 2021. From handy gadgets that elevate the taste and aroma of your brew to stylish tools that make your coffee experience a feast for the senses, this article is your guide to the must-have coffee accessories that are taking the world by storm. So, grab your favorite mug and get ready to discover the hottest trends in the coffee world.

The Most Popular Coffee Accessories Of 2021

1. Coffee Grinders

Coffee grinders are an essential tool for any coffee lover who wants to elevate their brewing experience. There are two main types of coffee grinders: manual and electric. Manual grinders require you to put in a little elbow grease, but they can offer precise control over the grind size and are often more affordable. Electric grinders, on the other hand, are more convenient and efficient, making them a popular choice among coffee enthusiasts with a busy lifestyle. Popular coffee grinder brands include Baratza, Breville, and OXO.

2. Coffee Makers

When it comes to brewing coffee, there are various methods to choose from. The most common types of coffee makers are drip coffee makers, French press, and espresso machines. Drip coffee makers are user-friendly and produce a large quantity of coffee, making them suitable for households or offices. French press is perfect for those who prefer a full-bodied and rich cup of coffee, while espresso machines are designed to extract the intense flavors and aromas of coffee with high precision. Some popular coffee maker brands include Keurig, Cuisinart, and Nespresso.

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3. Milk Frothers

For those who enjoy a creamy and frothy texture in their coffee, milk frothers are a must-have accessory. There are two main types of milk frothers: electric and manual. Electric milk frothers are convenient and efficient, allowing you to create velvety foam with the touch of a button. Manual frothers require a bit more effort but offer more control over the frothing process. Popular milk frother brands include Breville, Nespresso, and Aerolatte.

The Most Popular Coffee Accessories Of 2021

4. Coffee Storage Containers

Properly storing your coffee is essential to preserve its freshness and flavor. Air-tight containers and vacuum-sealed containers are the two main options for coffee storage. Air-tight containers provide a seal that keeps oxygen out, preventing your coffee from going stale. Vacuum-sealed containers take it a step further and remove the air from the container, ensuring maximum freshness. Popular coffee storage brands include Planetary Design, Coffee Gator, and Friis.

5. Coffee Scales

Precision is key when brewing a perfect cup of coffee, and coffee scales can help you achieve that. There are two main types of coffee scales: digital and manual. Digital scales offer precise measurements and often come with additional features like timers and auto-off functions. Manual scales, such as balance scales, provide a nostalgic and classic touch to your brewing routine. Popular coffee scale brands include Hario, OXO, and Acaia.

6. Coffee Filters

Coffee filters play an important role in ensuring a clean and sediment-free cup of coffee. The two main types of coffee filters are paper filters and metal filters. Paper filters are disposable and provide a consistent brew, while metal filters are reusable and allow more natural oils and flavors to pass through. Popular coffee filter brands include Chemex, Melitta, and Able Brewing.

7. Coffee Thermometers

Controlling the temperature of your coffee is crucial for the best extraction and flavor. There are various types of coffee thermometers, including digital and analog options. Digital thermometers offer precise temperature readings and often come with preset temperature ranges for different brewing methods. Analog thermometers, such as dial or probe thermometers, provide a classic and reliable way to monitor the temperature. Popular coffee thermometer brands include ThermoPro, Lavatools, and Taylor Precision.

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8. Coffee Mugs

The choice of coffee mug can greatly enhance your coffee-drinking experience. There are various types of coffee mugs to choose from, including ceramic, glass, and insulated mugs. Heat retention mugs, such as double-walled or vacuum-insulated mugs, keep your coffee hot for longer periods, allowing you to savor every sip. Popular coffee mug brands include Yeti, Contigo, and KeepCup.

9. Coffee Stirrers

Coffee stirrers are handy tools for ensuring your coffee is thoroughly mixed and blended. There are different types of coffee stirrers, including reusable and disposable options. Reusable stirrers, such as wooden or stainless steel stirrers, are eco-friendly and can be used again and again. Disposable stirrers, such as plastic or bamboo stirrers, provide convenience and are perfect for on-the-go coffee. Popular coffee stirrer brands include Royal, Hiware, and Mr. Coffee.

10. Coffee Brushes and Cleaning Accessories

To keep your coffee equipment in top condition, coffee brushes and cleaning accessories are essential. Coffee grinder brushes are specifically designed to remove coffee grounds and oils from the grinder’s burrs, ensuring optimal performance and flavor. Coffee maker cleaning solutions help remove mineral deposits and residue that can affect the taste of your coffee. Popular cleaning accessory brands include Urnex, Full Circle, and CleanCaf.

In conclusion, coffee accessories are valuable companions that can enhance your coffee brewing experience. From coffee grinders to milk frothers, storage containers to thermometers, each accessory brings its unique benefits and contributes to the art of brewing your perfect cup of coffee. Whether you prefer manual methods or convenient electric options, there are popular brands available in the market that cater to your specific needs. So, explore the world of coffee accessories and elevate your coffee brewing game to new heights.